Our Goals

We believe that every human being is valuable ,that each student should be given the opportunity to work towards each student should be the opportunity to work towards
his full potentials as a member of the international community.
we accept the primary responsibility for meeting the intellectual need of the individual student.Teachers will emphasize the mastery of academic materials through the
communication skills and maintain academic excellence which will challenge best in each student
We recognize our responsibility to work handle with parents and relevant social agencies as appropriate to meet the social emotional and academic needs of the students.
We fully convinced that effective teaching and learning can be accompanied by continued development and maintain of an outstanding teaching staff on excellent curriculum
and effective physical environment.
we realize that change is a condition of life. hence one of its responsibilities to provide each student with the tools and to make children as individuals and guide them
to their highest academic and social capabilities.
To guide students to realize their place a s future citizen of the world community.
To guide students in understanding the global concept of learning,regardless of race,creed and color.
to help students to realize and appreciate the cultural heritage of our country and to respect the emotional feeling of others